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1 Audio input is unstable

1) Confirm whether the video source has sound.
A. If it is A computer, you need to set the audio output of the computer.
B. If it is a game console, confirm the sound format of the game console and select PCM.
2) Is the audio related setting of OBS correct.

2 No image, screen turns green

1)Download an app called "Insects" from the App Store through Xbox.
2)Test the HDR function of the acquisition card. If it works, it means that GAM Live Pro works well, but it is not compatible with some specific games. If it's not normal, it could be a problem with the machine.

3 Cannot connect

In the device manager page, find "Audio inputs and outputs", "Cameras", "Sound, video and game controllers", delete the previous data of the capture card, and then re-connect the capture card. So OBS can recognize it.

4 Unable to open file

Checks if the recording format is incorrectly selected.

5 The recording screen is dark

Set the screen brightness inside OBS.

6 The screen went black during the broadcast

The black screen in the process of stream pushing may be related to the network speed of the platform and the performance of the computer. If the problem of capture card is to be eliminated, it is necessary to check whether OBS can detect the video source and whether there is a picture in the preview interface.

7 The headset plugs in GAMEPAD, but cannot talk

1) Disconnect the GAM LIVE Pro capture card, insert the headset directly into the handle, and check if you can talk to your teammates normally.If you can't, it's probably because the Xbox One isn't set up correctly.
2) If there is no problem, check that the audio cable interface is a 3.5mm 4-pole TRRS audio port and finally check that the connection is correct - headset to 'headset' port and gamepad to 'gamepad' port.